At Teenage Kicks, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality provision that can support young people with a broad range of special educational needs and disabilities.

Following a pupil being offered a place at Teenage Kicks, our SEND team will arrange for the relevant baseline assessments to take place so that the school has up to date information about a pupil’s strengths and weaknesses in key areas such as literacy, numeracy and cognitive ability as early as possible in the pupil’s placement so that interventions required can be identified and further information passed to teachers to inform their planning for that pupil. Other information such as professional reports and advice is also circulated to teaching and support staff along with recommended strategies and any adjustments in the classroom that the pupil may need.

Pupils are required to complete a range of GL Assessments in the first few days of their time at Teenage Kicks which will highlight any potential concerns in key areas such as reading, spelling, comprehension and Maths skills. This time spent with the SEND team also allows for discussion to gain the pupil’s own views on their education and learning as well as their attitude towards school with the aim to identify any concerns as early as possible that may present a barrier to their learning and enjoyment in school.

Following assessments, discussions and using other professional information a pupil profile and provision outline is produced by the SEND team and provided for all staff so that it is clearly communicated via a one page document what the pupils primary needs are and other key important information and potential interventions the pupil may require moving forward. A pupil’s EHCP outcomes are also clearly identified in this document so that all staff are aware of what these are. Staff are encouraged to comment on progress towards these outcomes on a termly basis and a mid-year review held with parents as well as regular contact. The pupil is then entered onto the school’s SEND register. All staff have access to this document which also contains links to individual profiles for quick access for teachers when planning.

Annual review meetings are held with each young person, their parent/carer and other professionals involved in that young person’s care and education every year to discuss progress against their EHCP outcomes.

At Teenage Kicks, we also have links with other professional agencies to help support our young people with SEND, such as: Educational Psychologists, SALTs, HYM/CAMHs and Occupational Therapists. Teenage Kicks also has a school counsellor whom pupils can liaise with should they wish to do so, as well as offering family support where applicable.

Local Offer

We support the local offer of Oldham and Manchester. Please see links below for more information.

Oldham Council Local Offer:

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