Welcome to Teenage Kicks

At Teenage Kicks, we pride ourselves on unlocking the potential of all our young people so that they can become the best version of themselves. At Teenage Kicks, we work collaboratively and pride ourselves on creating a stimulating, positive learning environment whereby all our pupils can achieve. We offer an inclusive, creating and inspiring learning environment for up to 45 pupils of secondary school age and work tirelessly to make learning stimulating and fulfilling for all.

Pupils at Teenage Kicks engage in a broad, balanced curriculum which offers academic progress as well as an array of vocational aspects to their learning which is aimed to inspire future career paths beyond post-16. We are committed to re-engage our pupils with their learning whilst putting the needs of all our learners at the forefront of our practice. We specialise at creating a dynamic learning environment which is nurturing and inspiring for all, considering an array of social, emotional and mental health needs.

We engage pupils through embedding a culture of progress; academically and through personal, social and emotional skills to provide the best possible outcomes for each young person.

Behaviour at Teenage Kicks is monitored on a lesson-by-lesson basis; offering the pupils an extrinsic reward at the end of the week to promote achievement and celebrate success. Abiding by our rules and procedures, pupils create a positive atmosphere across the school, and this heightens and optimises learning for all. At Teenage Kicks, all staff are aware of the diverse learning needs pupils present with and we actively seek ways to be adaptive for all. 

Link to previous Ofsted Inspection (August 2023):

50229673 (ofsted.gov.uk)

Proprietor’s Message

I co-established Teenage Works 3 years ago and, due to demand, started Teenage Kicks Ltd in 2021. I am born and bred in Manchester from Harpurhey. Before setting up the business, I worked for Manchester City Council and with FC United Football Club doing outreach work in the North Manchester area, bringing communities and young people together through sport and engaging them in sporting activities.

I have also worked for Manchester City Council with the following schools: North Manchester School for boys, Our Lady’s RC School, St Matthews and MCA.

Due to funding cuts within the local authority, I wanted to continue the work I had been doing and continue to provide young people a chance to gain football coaching qualifications and to keep them engaged giving them something do and aspire to. I also wanted to teach morals and values enabling all pupils to respect their community. Our school has developed, and we now offer a broad and balanced curriculum to hopefully create the best possible life chances that all our young people could wish for.

Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Teenage Kicks School. I am proud to introduce myself as the Headteacher of the school, as of January 2024. I am proud to be part of a team that does its upmost to put our learners at the heart of everything we do. I firmly believe we offer the best possible environment for all learners to have the opportunity to progress to their maximal potential. We play a significant role in supporting our young people’s social, emotional and mental health to help shape their future and prepare them for adult life in a modern, British society to become positive and productive citizens.

All staff across our school will ensure that Teenage Kicks heralds positive, inclusive and meaningful relationships at the heart of our practice. We take pride in everything that we do and create an environment where all young people are respected, supported, cared for and ready to excel in all aspects of their learning.

Teenage Kicks encompasses teaching and learning that meets the needs of each pupil, along with instilling a positive, engrossing environment whereby pupils can strive and be part of a happy, dynamic team which can see them flourish.

If you have any questions regarding our school, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chris Valentine


Mission Statement

Our school, situated in Failsworth, intends to meet the needs of all young people that have perhaps needed a change from a mainstream education. We offer SEMH support and a fresh start to each pupil’s journey and provide a holistic approach in doing so. Teenage Kicks offers an array of subject areas whereby pupils can obtain qualifications and have opportunities to develop and progress to their maximal potential.

We offer vocational elements within our curriculum, giving pupils experience and a focus to progress at post-16. Vocational aspects to our curriculum include woodwork, barbering and hairdressing and photography.

At Teenage Kicks, we endeavour to ensure all parents/carers, staff, pupils and visitors feel welcomed within our school community and are supported upon arrival at Teenage Kicks.

Values and Ethos

We value and pride ourselves on ensuring that the young people who attend Teenage Kicks have the best possible outcomes to succeed in society. We value each pupil individually and support each pupil in the best possible way we can through ‘Engagement’, ‘Progress’ and ‘Outcomes’.


Young people at Teenage Kicks engage in a curriculum that offers opportunities to obtain an array of qualifications; from GCSEs, AQA awards and VTCTs. All pupils also engage in our school literacy programme which focuses on developing reading skills each morning, as well as within tailored 1:1 intervention throughout the week. Pupils also engage in Lexia and BKSB which focuses on developing literacy and numeracy skills in an effective, structured and meaningful manner, heightening the bar for success.


At Teenage Kicks, we pride ourselves on providing an array of opportunities for our pupils to progress. This could be academically or through social, emotional and mental health development. We track and monitor progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis through our behaviour system and systematically support those who need it. Pupils can achieve through individual or collaborative success within their form group and have opportunities to obtain tangible rewards, as well as celebrating their success within school at the end of the week. Our SEND team create individualised targets for all pupils and tailor these towards their Education and Health Care Plans; creating a bespoke, nurturing package which is monitored and reviewed every 6-weeks.


Everything that Teenage Kicks strives to achieve is aimed at providing the best possible outcomes for all. All pupils have personalised targets/outcomes and work towards achieving them daily. These outcomes may be academic or may include social, emotional and mental health outcomes too. The broad and balanced curriculum that we offer also includes an array of qualifications that all pupils can achieve. These qualifications will hopefully provide all our pupils with the best possible outcomes to not only succeed at post-16, but also beyond this within our community as positive, productive citizens.

Admission Arrangements

Consultations for a placement for a young person are received from the Local Authority SEND Team. The Education Health and Care Plan is sent to Teenage Kicks where it is received and reviewed by a member of SLT and the SENDCo. If we believe we can make a positive impact for the child and we can meet their special educational needs we will invite the young person and their parents/carers in to visit the school and to meet the team to ensure all parties are in agreement that our school would be the best placement for the pupil. We will respond to the Local Authority within 15 days from receipt of the consultation, as per the SEND Code of Practice.

Please refer to our SEND page for further information.

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