Teenage Kicks is committed to implementing a rich curriculum that intends to provide opportunities for pupils to succeed in an array of subject areas. Our staff are committed to supporting pupils on this educational journey and will provide a stable and positive environment in doing so.

Our curriculum at Teenage Kicks is designed to develop pupils with their core knowledge, skills and attributes for adulthood and personal development. Our intention is to make learning enjoyable for each young person and provide them with an array of curriculum areas in which they can achieve. We intend to develop pupil confidence, independence and knowledge through broader experiences and implement a clear vision for each pupil to define their own journeys.

Our thorough and robust induction process will inform our team of age-related progress indicators so we can help place pupils in groups that are supportive and coherent with each other. We pride ourselves that each classroom has an assortment of learning needs, community experiences, living experiences and scale of ability. We intend to acknowledge pupil misconceptions within each subject area and try to ensure any gaps in learning are targeted through teaching and learning as well as tailored 1:1 intervention where applicable.


Our enhanced curriculum includes:



At Teenage Kicks, we have developed a rich curriculum that we believe instils the best possible life chances for our pupils. We have decided to incorporate vocational aspects in our curriculum to allow learners to flourish and ascertain experience and engagement in areas which pupils are interested in careers wise.
Pupils at Teenage Kicks also have access to Xello; an online, bespoke careers pathway creator that provides clarity on how to get where they want to be in the future. This careers education program works alongside our curriculum to engage pupils to plan for their future success – regardless of background, ability or pathway.
Our curriculum provides pupil opportunities to ascertain an assortment of qualifications; from GCSEs, Functional Skills, Entry Levels and AQA awards etc. We implement these qualifications as we recognise all pupils learn in different ways and may be at diverse levels across the school.
Teenage Kicks instils independence for all our young people, and we offer an abundance of support. Each classroom, at any given time, will hold a maximum of 6 pupils: creating a nurturing and supportive environment. We also have learning zones around the building to offer independent learning where necessary for our young people, allowing for pupils to regulate their emotions or behaviour.
All pupils at Teenage Kicks also engage in guided reading, have access to our school library and have the chance to visit our local library in Failsworth to choose a book to read within school.

Curriculum overviews – links to be uploaded.


Ascertaining the impact that teaching and learning has upon our pupils is a critical aspect of our practice. Pupils are awarded points at the end of every given lesson to promote and embed a positive culture within school. These points are then calculated on a weekly basis and the top performing pupils will then receive a reward at the end of the week. Pupil progression is monitored to set targets and ascertain the impact learning has had upon them.

Our qualified teachers provide a termly report, outlining the impact learning has had upon all pupils at Teenage Kicks. Pupil impact is also measured against the outcomes of pupils’ EHCPs, attendance and punctuality, SEMH needs and post-16 attainment data. All pupils at Teenage Kicks can flourish and be the best versions of themselves in a specialised, nurturing and inspiring setting, with staff who will do their upmost for everyone.

aqa unit award scheme

AQA Unit Award Scheme

The Unit Award Scheme allows all students to engage with learning and have their achievements formally recognised.

Students are rewarded with a certificate each time they successfully complete a unit of learning. They can build up a portfolio of certificates to evidence their skills, knowledge and experience.

The scheme boosts confidence, increases engagement and improves motivation, helping students to make progress on their lifelong learning journey.

UAS covers all topics from school curriculum subjects to life skills, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and work-related learning. Students can achieve an unlimited number of units each academic year, receiving certificates on-demand at any time throughout the year.