About our club

We teach Traditional Martial Arts Karate to students from the age of 4 and above. Through our teachings students gain confidence, fitness, healthier life styles, learn discipline, respect, self-defence, team building, anti-bullying, make new friends, and progress in the art. We have a wide range of ages among our students both male and female and all train together or separate depending on the class agenda for that evening. We have adapted our grading syllabus to allow students with Autism to train and grade alongside all other students. We have a high success rate of grading and an above average level of black belt grades. Our syllabus is of an extremely high standard in comparison with other martial arts schools. We work alongside our governing body CMAA (Cobra Martial Arts Association) who offer many different training courses and work close with some of our students who chose to train and grade in other Martial Art forms. We organize for guest Instructors who train in different Martial Arts to visit us and offer their instruction to students who wish to join in. Our Tournament Team comprises of students, both experienced & new, who have been extremely successful in Local, National, British, European & World Championships competition circuits. These students are committed to a higher volume of training to allow them to reach competition level. 

I have had the privileged of teaching GCSE across four different secondary schools, an after-school club in a primary school, and delivered several self-defence courses; one of which was for a secretly located refuge for abused women.  We organise lots of fundraising activities which include bag packing, sponsored walks & bike rides, local Failsworth Carnival demonstrations, demonstrations organized by schools and churches, and fun days organized by other communities’ groups within the Oldham and Manchester borough. Our Instructor Team who all have CMAA qualification levels are of the highest of standard and we maintain their Instructor professional development by way of course etc run by our governing body CMAA


I started my Martial Art journey over 21 years ago, due to my then abusive husband. All my life I have suffered at the hands of abusers from the age of 8, sexual, verbal, physical and bullying. I am living proof that what I have been taught and taught myself works, as I found the courage to standing up to my ex-husband and others that presented themselves as bullies towards myself and others.

 Now I pass my knowledge on to others hoping that if only one person is saved from the same fait I endured then I have done a good job.

 I have lots of verbal testimony as to what our teachings has done to help many students and parents, here are 2.


showed extreme anxiety from the get go, he would not even step onto the matts at first even though it was his idea to come. Everyday things present that we get on with can cause a massive anxiety attack. 

18 months on, through perseverance, positive reinforcement from myself & my team what a transformation. At our Christmas presentation eve, he won Most Improved, Star Student of the year and Champ of Champs. He is also on our Tournament Team and Team CKKD Party Crew, this is where we do birthday party events for the younger students by way of entertaining them with team games.


 joined me after lockdown 2 from another Martial Art club that ceased to trade. He came as a 1st Junior Black Belt and after assessing him he was not to the standard of our Junior Black Belts. He was only 11 years of age so I made the decision as to not upset him that he may continue to wear his belt but had a lot of work to do to get to his next level , 2nd Junior Black Belt. He also presented himself as quiet, shy & reserved. 

14 months on, At our Christmas presentation eve, he won Best Newcomer. It also came to my attention that he was a victim of bullying, he felt he was useless and no good at anything. How wrong he is, through a lot of hard work and sweat he is now ready for his 2nd Junior Black Belt. He is also a tournament Team member. As for the bullying, its the same group of lads, he has not had to defend himself physically but has stood up to them verbally.